Love Horary

One of the most often kinds of questions asked, pertains to love relationships.  These are looked at in reference to the phrasing of the question at the time and place in a narrow scope with horary.   AC/7th House axis are the Querent and Quesited.  These are the main significators which the matter is judged.  They are the accidental Mars and Venus, if you will, of the situation.  Mars and Venus are the natural rulers of this axis and if are not the radix rulers of it in question, then are mere general types.   But, aside from that, by accident of the moment of asking, Mars and Venus are part of the collateral,  if they don’t happen to rule the 1/7 axis of the radix figure.  As in music, the key signiture, is what decides if it is played and read as F# or G flat in the composition of a song, for example.

First  considerations – If there is anything that would hamper or impede proper judgement before making any conclusions.  A good knowledge of what the considerations consist of, is therefore important.  If the Queren’t hasn’t rolled the question over for awhile, slept on it and then prayed on it, then it isn’t recommended that they ask in such a way, until having done so.  Then having erected the figure for the event of asking, it can be evaluated, as to it’s maturity and radicality otherwise, of how or whether to take it from there.  If some considerations are prevalent, they can be interpreted as to their meaning in the figure somewhat more aptly perhaps, as those are often warnings of something that should consider.

There are some considerations that are taken a different way in love horary at times, such as combustion of significator/s.  Sun in this case may be like the blind love stage of passion unless it involves the Moon which is interpreted differently by this condition.   Also, if it is a question of cheating, then there is  some blind spot or worry involved.  Sun can represent various kinds of things such as ego, pride, love, passion, fieriness, ambition, charisma, powerful feelings and heat and heart.  Too close to it and are overwhelmed.  Can’t function or perfect under that condition of combustion.  But, never say never as mutual mixed reception can help mitigate a signficator in peril.  It is often they are vulnerable and being taken to heart is the key.  Otherwise, they are playing with fire, if are not in an honest heart to heart felt undertaking.   Pride, shyness, embarrassment and worry threaten to overwhelm them in the game, instead of true love.  They can’t control the other person, and can only control how they love which is way that this fire can be useful.  It is then a burning passion, in that sense.  Although, sometimes it is projections that blind one.  As the old folk saying goes, under that guise or influence, one could fall in love with a goat.   So one has to have their moral compass set, before entering into such a thing, if one were to be wise.  Sometimes, this is what Saturn might represent, if it is a consideration by it’s ruling the 7th, aspecting the Moon or significators, or present in the 7th.   Saturn provides cautions and limitations or requirements that must be met,  It can stymie or stall or deny until things are correct.   It will not allow the development of the relationship if it is placed there and must be dealt with properly to get to the next level.   It causes fear and difficulty of responsibility and burden and doesn’t humor be taken lightly at first.

Look to the sign meaning where the significators are.  What is the basic meaning, such as fixed, cardinal or mutable.  Then to it’s water, air, earth or fire element.  Then to it’s general associated meaning in context to the question phrasiology.  Libra, for example being the 7th sign in a natural zodiac is symbolized by yoking and by the balance of scales which have to do with symmetry and fairness.  Uneven yoking is problematic.   Thus, if the significators are on the same page, conjunct, or trine, it is an easier match, than if are not so compatible.

Then examine the house placement, as to where it is found to be acting out or not, in the situation.  Cardinal houses are about acting with immediacy and movement taking place in such angles.   Succedent houses are following up upon what happens in Cardinal signs and not the initiators so much as they are responding or reactionary and this is not as immediate.  Thus, the 2nd house is said by some to be the short term future by this principle.  Cadent houses take innevitable time that is indefinite in general.   It is not immediate or reactive respondent as the other houses are.  It is a debility to act, when significator is placed therein.  It is better that the malefics are there where they have least power to act or harm rather than the significators being there.   It is said that when the significator is in the 6h they may be ill such as love sick in a love horary or may need to clean up their act to prepare to enter into the realm of the relationship.  They may need some grooming there before entering into 7H.  They may need to process things there before can step into the relationship wholeheartedly, not just the technical side of it.   If in the 9H, it takes faith and prayer because it might take a long time to fulfill the promises made from there, if ever.   In 12H, it is exiled out of sight of the AC.  This takes a long time as well to find occasion or opportunity, especially when the Part of Fortune is there.  It is the private secret house of subconscious areas.   Where the ideals are, that can’t always quite put a finger on as it is ephemeral area in the recesses.  The 3rd house is joy of Moon, a communications house, of local comings and goings and neighbors or brothers and sisters, learning and study.  Being there, they might accidentally bump into each other in such a way and converse without being actively involved otherwise for some time.  The house cusp that a significator is in is determined to be relevant to a house within 5 degrees of the cusp and effective to that house where it begins, when using the Regiomontanus divisional method.

If signficators have no debility to act, and have applying aspect that has no interference or prohibition or refranation involved, it is considered likely to perfect.  Always look for the 3 confirmations of a thing before making a conclusion of the most likely outcome.  The first is the ability to act and having an aspect to act through.   A trine is good as it flows effortlessly and smoothly.  A sextile requires concerted effort to grasp for a positive flow together.  Sextile may need reinforcement such as Mutual/Reception or mixed mutual reception, for the bond to take hold as it is not as strong as a trine.  Antiscia aspects are shadowy behind scenes aspect that are not expressed in light of the chart, out in the open.   That is a whole other realm of shadow story going on, then in the back story.   Square aspects are difficult and make it seem not worthwhile because are grating, conducive to hard feelings and negative vibes.  This can be mitigated by M/R, but takes a lot of energy.  Reason being that Rewarding things are more likely to be sought than unrewarding things, in general.  Squares are not a comfortable tension to easily be dealt with.   A Cardinal or Mutable sign might not have patience to endure putting up with a square and not stick it out.  The Cardinal would want to take some action on it and the mutable would waiver as to what action to take, while the fixed would stubbornly remain as is in their heart.    An opposition tears things by pulling in different directions antagonizing them to separate corners.  It would require M/R to help solve and compromise the extremes.  Some mutual respect and bonding interest that would help overcome the challenges that could benefit both and put things back to normal.   Could agree to disagree about an issue, but not put it into the personal realm of the relationship as in the form of a slight or insult or fault.  That is why mutual reception has a role as it is where the dignities are or rewarded or lacking that can help confirm an aspect and in that regard, a matter by being mutually rewarding and benefitial to solve some of the various discomforts that might effect it otherwise and also help assure a good bond.  Otherwise, an opposition is a parting of ways after coming together for just the one thing or time without further interest.

The Moon aspecting one or preferebly both without interruption with soft aspect from good house can be a 3rd confirmation of the outcome of the matter .  Also, the significators and Moon in such a translation of light to be in some of each other’s and Moon’s dignities and some of Venus’ as well for good measure in general.

If something is amiss and the signficators nor Moon are well placed and do not have good aspect and have some debility to act, then the nature of the problem can be identified there where it lays, to look into possible options and remedies for it.  Even prohibition can be overcome in some instances.  But, perfection is generally denied .so are then looking for the next best thing as solution, perhaps.  Or may need to approach things from a different angle.  But shouldn’t ask on it until circumstances have changed drastically, as it starts to muddle and tamper the the question and answer by doing so, once it has been put out there.  It should be allowed to play out before going back into it.   Can choose not to do something that is shown to be detrimental, if the outcome seems negative by confirmations.

After all, love is the most important thing universally, and we learn love and relating from mother and parents, family and even pets as our first experiences of it.   Through that we can understand the love of God.  That mating is part of the plan and design, rest assured.  The unconditional love is what everyone wants and needs.  It is how we love that matters, as we cannot control others, but this power can transform and meld us together with them as one.  That is the most exquisite ideal.   Having a mate that mirrors us in a way that brings the best out in us and us in them as we learn and develop in a fulfilling way.


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  1. Jasminesky
    Apr 17, 2014 @ 20:57:04

    We really miss you at Your insight and astrology perspective is out of this world.


  2. Anonymous
    Dec 16, 2013 @ 09:16:41

    Hello Gia, I have found your work and articles to be lucid, and your words — a delight to read. Thank you for sharing your horary wisdom with us all. Warm regards, Abella


  3. Abdul Diviney
    Mar 26, 2012 @ 06:01:24

    I’ve got to mention how I honestly enjoyed this web-site. . You definitely come with tremendous writings. Kudos for your website page.


  4. Maki
    Mar 20, 2012 @ 19:51:36

    I heard a couple of guys talking about this, so I looked it up online and found your page. Thanks. I thought I was right and you confirmed my thoughts. Thanks for the work you’ve put into this. I’d love to share this with my friends.


  5. Kasia
    Mar 18, 2012 @ 07:06:40

    What a wonderful post! These are very potent tips you’ve presented in a very understandable way. Further, you advocate we listen to the horary’s innate wisdom and follow the remedy. Very refreshing and much needed in today’s practical application, I believe. Thank you for this.


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