Recommendations For Formulating Horary Questions

Here is provided some information pertaining to the better formulation when asking questions through horary.
Horary Astrology in the West. We again remind you of the metaphor of photography, in which a Natal chart reading is like using a wide-angle lens. One gets the full view, but it seems far away, and one cannot see all the details. To get more detail one could zoom in and look at a smaller segment of time, say, the duration of a planetary major period or, even smaller, the planetary sub-period, or perhaps a year or six months. The real close-up shot or microscopic view would be to focus just on one question for a specific period of time. This is horary.

Imagine one wants to know something particularly perchance is the perfect match. But they don’t want to make any commitment just yet or reveal their intentions; thus they certainly don’t want to jeopardize their interests. What to do? After suitably pondering the situation, they would ask an astrologer the question: What will be the result for X? The astrologer notes the time the question is asked, calculates the chart, analyzes it, and then gives a scientific answer.

How does it work? The conception of a question is the thought which enters one’s mind. Pondering, worrying, and brooding over it is the gestation period. And asking is the birth of the question. You might be surprised to learn how accurately a trained astrologer is able to zero in on the correct answer.

Horary is not limited to romantic ponderings, but can be applied to almost any situation wherein humans have questions. There is wide variety and almost endless application that is limited only by one’s own imagination and personal experiences. For example:

Which of the following three places, A, B, or C, is the best place to sink a well?
My daughter is missing. Is she all right? When will she return?

Who murdered the victim; what can you tell me about the murderer?

I have lost my wedding ring; will I recover it?

What will be the result for me if I marry X? etc.

Many people have heard of horary, but unfortunately they cannot always take advantage of it for two reasons:

Horary is very difficult to perform without some extensive special training. Even an astrologer capable to adequately read a natal chart may not be able to do a horary chart properly unless trained to do so, because there are special rules in horary that are not applicable to natal astrology, and vice versa.

The person fails to ask the question properly. Even a properly trained astrologer will not be able to answer an ill-conceived question.

In the first case, the seeker should carefully ascertain if the astrologer he is dealing with has had any special training in horary. If he has not had this special training yet is consulted, the results could be bad with wrong reading.

The second case simply requires some basic training on the part of the seeker as to how to ask.

How to Ask:

Having done literally thousands of horaries, the results are amazingly accurate (97+% success rate), provided the seeker follows a few simple rules when asking a question. The importance of correctly formulating a question cannot be overstated. In ancient Greece, the Oracle of Delphi was famous for giving accurate answers. But sometimes the answers were so enigmatic that no one could understand them, the reason being that the question itself was unclear.The astrological texts also state that the questions of certain persons should not be entertained:

One who asks in a casual or nonchalant manner

One who uses abusive language while asking

One who is a heretic or atheist

One who comes empty-handed

One who is proceeding on a journey

One who is answering the calls of nature

One who asks questions at dusk

For formulating a question to get a clear unambiguous answer, consider the following guidelines:

Pray to God that He will reveal His answer to you through the astrologer.

Keep your mind clear, and meditate on your question. If your mind is confused and you are thinking of many different questions at once, then the chart will reflect your nebulous state of mind and be exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, to answer. This can be likened to a woman who gives birth to five or six children at one time; the survival of any of them is doubtful.

Ask only one question at a time. If you have other questions, keep your mind clear and ask them only after you have received an answer to your first question.

Don’t ask more than three questions in one day. (Brghu Muni says that it is best to approach the astrologer with only one question, of an auspicious nature.)

It is necessary to formulate a clear, truthful question in one’s mind, getting right down to fundamentals and leaving out irrelevant details which can be added later if necessary, possibly by asking further questions. Decide exactly what it is that you wish to know. The clearer the question, the clearer the answer will be. A vague or ambiguous question will be reflected in the chart, and it might seem impossible to answer.

Always write down your question before asking the astrologer. This forces you to think clearly and concisely. The question should be formulated into one sentence–not a novel.

Don’t ask convoluted questions. Keep them as straightforward as possible.

Ambiguous, “either/or” questions must be avoided; otherwise, one cannot know which part of the question has been answered. Better to divide into two or more questions and ask them at separate intervals.

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Re: Urgent – HOUSE BROKEN INTO, Jewelry, etc
« Reply #12 – on: 23.08.2011 at 20:59 [UT+0] » Similar to the “either/or” question is the “if/then” question; it also must be avoided.

To avoid confounding the meaning of an answer, one should be careful to ask questions in the positive, rather than the negative, attitude. For example:
Correct way:

Question: “Should I visit Mr. X?”

If the configuration of the chart is positive, then the answer will be yes–otherwise it would be no.

Incorrect way:

Question: “Should I remain at home and not visit Mr. X?”

If the configuration of the chart is positive, does it mean that you should stay at home? Or does it perhaps mean that you should actually go to visit Mr. X? Which is correct? Or if the configuration were negative, does it mean that you should not visit him? Or does it perhaps mean that you should not remain at home? Which is correct?

An example of a convoluted question that would be impossible to answer is as follows: “Should I get into the herbal import business? If not, then should I get into real estate, or move back to England?”

The above example uses the “either/or”, “if/then,” and negative attitude. It should be divided into a series of questions, beginning first with, “Should I get into the herbal import business?” Depending upon the answer, the person would then ask the next question. In any case, it is not recommend for one to jumble so many questions into one.

Do not ask the exact same question within a 3-month period (to the same astrologer); allow time to act. Sometimes people don’t like the answer they get, so they keep asking the same question hoping that they’ll get a better answer. Or they are impatiently waiting for results to arrive. This is actually disrespectful to God. Don’t forget that in doing divination, that is, approaching God for our answer through the astrologer. (It is also very irritating to the astrologer.)

If your mind is set upon getting only a certain answer, then you should wait before asking the question. In other words, if you want only a “yes” and not a “no” to a question, then you are not really prepared to receive the mercy of God via the astrologer’s reply. You must realize that which ever answer He gives (through the astrologer) is in your best interest, even a “no.” If you are attached to receiving only one answer, then you are not really open to divine guidance. And the answer which you want could actually lead you astray or to disaster.

Some questions may have options which appear to be like multiple questions but are actually only one question. Suppose a person wanted to move to a different location and had several different options in mind. The questioner should try to narrow his choices as far as possible, with the understanding that he is allowed up to three options. Then he should write on paper: Should I move to ‘A’, ‘B’, or ‘C’ (where A, B, and C represent the names of the places he is considering)? When asking the astrologer, he needn’t even reveal the actual names of the places, as long as he knows what they mean. But this method of using options can be used only when A, B, and C represent the same category of entity (in this case, locations). If the seeker has more than three options, then he will have to ask more than once in order to cover all the options.

You don’t have to directly name an object or person you can just call it or them “X” to maintain confidentiality.

If you are consulting by mail, write each question on a separate piece of paper, fold it, and then number the questions consecutively. Maximum of three.
With these simple pointers, you now know how to ask questions properly in order to get a clear answer: perfect questions, perfect answers.

These are general guidelines when asking horary or prashna in consultation with an astrological practitioner.


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