1.  Roll the matter over in the mind, at least over night, to allow the mind to determine the focus for best solution on the matter.  Then what is left of it is the outstanding question that begs a certain kind of answer to be sought.

2.  Pray to God on the matter for God’s wisdom to enable understanding, as to how to deal with the matter to his glory, to serve God’s will in a way pleasing to God for the best outcome.

3.  Posing a question through horary, after the above steps have been taken.  The question, having been narrowed down through the process, is asked straight forward, simplistically.  That means, not asking in the form of an either/ or type of  question.   Multiple choice question and answer formulations may confuse the definitive quality of obtaining clearest reading of an answer, out of such set-ups.  The matter asked upon should be covered by one umbrella question rather than a series of questions that pop to mind, after asking the initial one.  That is why the matter has to be rolled over for a night or more and prayed upon for God’s wisdom and perspective.  The question to horary is going beyond that intimacy to find an answer in or from the universe, from the person’s perspective or through the astrologers perspective in receiving the question to be asked through horary.  When asking the astrologer to chart it, interpret it or read it, the querent is advised not to come with empty hands.  There is usually a compensatory fee for the service, in exchange.

4.  The question is charted for the time and place of asking, whether it be the querent’s locale and time or the astrologer’s date, time and place of taking up the matter.  The methodology of the astrologer would be the determining factor, as to which time and locale would be used to chart the matter.  

5.  The answer is interpreted by reading the indications in the chart that have been shown to mean a particular thing, throughout a long history of the tradition, over thousands of years.  Though, some  practitioners mix in other kinds of findings that are not based on traditionally held or vetted meanings as those that have endured such a measure, of the test of time, for thousands of years.  

6.  The Answer is the result of the line of questioning taken in asking. Who, what, when, where and how it is formulated provides framework for how it gets translated into being answered.

7.  The answer is to serve it’s purpose in some way, giving closure to the matter in question, or providing a practical way of how to deal with it, that is beneficial, from the enlightenment having been given on it.


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